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Trinity's Pre-Professional Internship Program is the only one of its kind in secondary Catholic education. The articles below feature Intern success stories, as well as the program as a whole.

» Published in 2017: Interns help care for exotic animals at local non-profit
» Published in 2017: Senior capstone projects on display the week of December 11
» Published in 2017: Interns meet Marymount president on their first day
» Published in 2017: 2017-18 PCNA Interns excel during training
» Published in 2017: Senior Intern proves invaluable in the classroom
» Published in 2017: Senior earns summer scholarship to China
» Published in 2017: Senior Intern finds adventure and variety with Metroparks
» Published in 2016: Senior gets career advice from Marymount president
» Published in 2016: Students discover passion for sports medicine through Internship
» Published in 2016: Senior Has a Head Start on Her Dream Career
» Published in 2016: Matt LoPiccolo '81 Earns Crain's Terabyte Award
» Published in 2016: Interns Go Behind the Scenes in Trinity's Athletic Department
» Published in 2016: Seniors learn sales and manufacturing at Mammana Custom Woodworking
» Published in 2016: Students learn the law at Justice Center Internship
» Published in 2016: Senior learns ins and outs of event planning at Internship
» Published in 2016: Juniors experience the world of sports marketing through Internship assignment
» Published in 2015: Junior Shadows County Medical Examiner
» Published in 2015: Sophomore Scrubs in for Surgery at South Pointe
» Published in 2015: Internship helps recent grads define career path
» Published in 2015: Join us to celebrate Dr. Maher's career on June 3
» Published in 2015: Junior, senior medical Interns get up close and personal with surgery
» Published in 2015: Interns featured on CMNH blog
» Published in 2015: Sophomore experiencing world of engineering through Internship
» Published in 2015: Three seniors receive early acceptance to medical school
» Published in 2015: Junior's internship experience highlighted in article
» Published in 2015: Students recognized at eXpressions™ reception
» Published in 2015: Junior prepares for his future in IT through internships
» Published in 2015: Interns featured on CMA's blog
» Published in 2015: Freshmen participate in mock interviews
» Published in 2015: Students recognized by Cleveland Clinic for work in language, math
» Published in 2014: Sophomore reflects on first-year internship experience
» Published in 2014: Internship placements for 2014-2015 now online
» Published in 2014: Alumni update: Priscilla Flores
» Published in 2014: Trinity science department given high-tech microscopes
» Published in 2014: Junior Intern is calm and collected during hospital emergency
» Published in 2014: Sophomore becomes a valuable member of mayor's team
» Published in 2014: Senior gains valuable marketing experience at internship
» Published in 2014: Become an Internship Program E-Mentor
» Published in 2014: Junior's creations to be marketed, sold worldwide
» Published in 2014: Senior discovers love of children through Internship
» Published in 2014: Trinity Interns featured on CMA blog
» Published in 2014: Galvin Therapy Center benefits from Trinity Interns
» Published in 2014: Internship meeting for freshman parents set for February 6
» Published in 2014: Pre-Professional Internship Video Unveiled
» Published in 2014: February 6 internship meeting for freshman parents
» Published in 2014: Students receive awards in Language Arts
» Published in 2013: Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital signs on as Pre-Professional Internship Sponsor
» Published in 2013: Junior explores culinary world through internship at DANTE
» Published in 2013: Senior gets head start on career in theater management
» Published in 2013: Interns become valuable team members
» Published in 2013: Pre-Professional Internships begin Tuesday
» Published in 2013: Trinity says "thank you" to Internship Angel Sponsors
» Published in 2013: Pre-Professional Internship Program wraps up fourth year of implementation
» Published in 2013: Senior expands professional network through internship
» Published in 2013: St. Barnabas Principal/Asst. Principal honor their interns
» Published in 2013: 2013-2014 Internship opportunities available online
» Published in 2013: Internship leads senior to career as music therapist
» Published in 2013: Medical interns become integral part of South Pointe Hospital's nursing staff
» Published in 2013: Senior interns discover career paths at Galvin Therapy Center
» Published in 2013: Students accepted to Cleveland Clinic Summer Internship Program
» Published in 2013: Sports marketing interns are proof-positive of PPI Program success
» Published in 2013: Internship program takes a walk on the wild side
» Published in 2013: Pre-Professional Internship Program awarded Distinguished Non-Profit of the Year
» Published in 2013: Entrepreneurial intern gains real-world experience in-house
» Published in 2012: Sophomore's creativity shines in Cleveland Clinic eXpressions exhibition
» Published in 2012: Student experiences botany and zoology at Cleveland Botanical Garden
» Published in 2012: Trinity Support Services can help with your design, printing needs
» Published in 2012: Senior gains experience in microbiology at NEORSD
» Published in 2012: Senior gets a head start on education career
» Published in 2012: Spotlight on intern success: Andrew Vagner at Swagelok
» Published in 2012: Internship program continues to expand
» Published in 2012: Pre-Professional Internship Program kicks off 4th year
» Published in 2012: Graduates participate in Marymount Hospital Caregiver Forums
» Published in 2012: Interns recognized by St. Barnabas School Principal for outstanding work
» Published in 2012: The Pilgrim Series: David Burke accepted to medical school
» Published in 2012: Pre-Professional Internship Program garners more national attention
» Published in 2012: The Pilgrim Series: Jordan Little already in the IT industry thanks to Internship Program
» Published in 2012: The Pilgrim Series: Marissa Smego gets a head start on her dream of teaching
» Published in 2012: The Jim Kramarczyk '84 Memorial Pre-Professional Internship Angel Sponsorship
» Published in 2012: The Pilgrim Series: Seniors help Trinity's in-house design and print shop thrive
» Published in 2012: The Pilgrim Series: Amber Simun
» Published in 2012: Grads accepted into pharmacy program
» Published in 2012: The Pilgrim Series: Priscilla Flores uses internship to launch medical career
» Published in 2012: Senior builds extensive resume thanks to internships
» Published in 2012: John Tonich's story continues to inspire others
» Published in 2012: Junior gets head start on PR career through internship
» Published in 2012: Junior goes from patient to Patient Care Assistant
» Published in 2012: Freshmen to choose internship track
» Published in 2012: Interns help The Village at Marymount with Christmas "adoption" of family
» Published in 2012: Students featured in eXpressions exhibit
» Published in 2012: Internship Program recognized by the College Board
» Published in 2012: Intern becomes interpreter at Marymount Hospital
» Published in 2012: Senior is an "excellent example of a Catholic high school student"
» Published in 2012: The Cleveland Museum of Art praises interns
» Published in 2012: Eight students recognized in literary works contest
» Published in 2012: Change your future this summer!
» Published in 2011: Senior builds impressive resume through internship experience
» Published in 2011: The Village at Marymount residents make a difference for Trinity student
» Published in 2011: Senior receives blue ribbon in art contest
» Published in 2011: Junior finds road to his future at internship
» Published in 2011: Intern begins culinary career in high school
» Published in 2011: Intern participates in innovative concussion research
» Published in 2011: Seniors renew CPR certification
» Published in 2011: Trinity announces PSI as first Corporate Angel
» Published in 2011: Trinity's internship program: off and running again
» Published in 2011: Junior interns save man's life
» Published in 2011: Senior Named National Merit Commended Student
» Published in 2011: 2011 grad already employed thanks to IT program
» Published in 2011: Interns experience culinary service career
» Published in 2011: Interns successfully complete second year of program
» Published in 2011: Spotlight on intern success: Garrett Dunlap
» Published in 2011: Trinity artists honored at eXpressions awards ceremony
» Published in 2011: Spotlight on intern success: Emilie Kurtz
» Published in 2011: Spotlight on intern success: David Przytulski
» Published in 2010: Interns learn about animals, people, business at vet clinics
» Published in 2010: Students excel in Cleveland Clinic's eXpressions contest
» Published in 2010: Art students awarded places in Cleveland Clinic exhibition
» Published in 2010: 2010 First quarter PPI evaluation results
» Published in 2010: Interns participate in Intergenerational Campus
» Published in 2010: Internship program gains national exposure
» Published in 2010: Senior spends summer in medical internship
» Published in 2010: Pre-Professional Internship Program begins second year
» Published in 2010: On-line training for hospital interns
» Published in 2010: Two students continue their internships through summer
» Published in 2010: Pre-Professional Internship meeting for students
» Published in 2010: Pre-Professional Internship meeting for parents
» Published in 2010: New school year off to a successful start
» Published in 2010: Six students earn industry-recognized IT certification
» Published in 2010: The Village at Marymount honors interns with a picnic
» Published in 2010: Sr. Shawn Lee announces reorganization of Trinity's administration
» Published in 2010: Internship Program a success in inaugural year
» Published in 2010: Spotlight on intern success: Ryan Malkus
» Published in 2010: Medical Science and Technology students participate in wheelchair race
» Published in 2010: Spotlight on intern success: Mike Matonis
» Published in 2010: Graphic Design + 3D Animation Program featured in video
» Published in 2010: Spotlight on intern success: Josh Lewis
» Published in 2010: Students shine in Cleveland Clinic's eXpressions Contest
» Published in 2010: Spotlight on intern success: Maggie Halm
» Published in 2010: Spotlight on intern success: Jordan Little
» Published in 2010: Spotlight on intern success: Toni Powers
» Published in 2009: Spotlight on intern success: Danielle Kastelic
» Published in 2008: Students garner Cleveland Clinic internships
» Published in 2009: Creative Learning Interns' work published
» Published in 2009: Trinity implements first-ever Pre-Professional Internship Program
» Published in 2009: Students make an impact this summer at Cleveland Clinic
» Published in 2009: Freshmen Become Certified in Lifesaving Techniques
» Published in 2009: Leah Backo Honored as Published Artist
» Published in 2009: Channel 3 Features Pre-Professional Internship Program
» Published in 2008: Marymount Hospital invests in Trinity's future