Tuition and Tuition Assistance

A Catholic high school education is a significant investment in your child's future. To demonstrate Trinity's financial commitment to providing a sound academic, social and spiritual foundation in Christian values, we have implemented a Pre-Professional Internship Program Grant, resulting in a stabilized tuition model.

This stabilized tuition model represents a significant savings for families, and the commitment of our Corporate Sponsors that are part of the Pre-Professional Internship Program. Corporate Sponsors support the Internship Grant, which underwrites a portion of each student's tuition. Unlike other high schools, the tuition amount that a family pays upon enrolling their child as a freshman is the amount they will pay each year their child is enrolled at Trinity.

Historically, Trinity's tuition has increased by $200-$300 each year. The chart below applies to the Class of 2024 and includes projected tuition increases for the next four years. It outlines the savings families will receive based on the Internship Grant and stabilized tuition model.

School Year
(Class of 2024)
Projected Tuition Internship Grant Actual Cost to Families
2020-2021 $12,500 $2,300 $10,200
2021-2022 $12,800 $2,600 $10,200
2022-2023 $13,100 $2,900 $10,200
2023-2024 $13,400 $3,200 $10,200
4-Year Investment: $51,800 4-Year Internship Grant total: $11,000 or an average of $2,750 per year $40,800

Trinity is able to offer the Internship Grant to every student in the Class of 2023 based on their ongoing participation in the Pre-Professional Internship Program.

Options for financial assistance beyond the Pre-Professional Internship Grant: