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A Catholic high school education is a significant investment in your child's future. To demonstrate Trinity's financial commitment to providing a sound academic, social and spiritual foundation in Christian values, we have implemented a Pre-Professional Internship Program Grant, resulting in a stabilized tuition model.

This stabilized tuition model represents a significant savings for families, and the commitment of our Corporate Sponsors that are part of the Pre-Professional Internship Program. Corporate Sponsors support the Internship Grant, which underwrites a portion of each student's tuition. Unlike other high schools, the tuition amount that a family pays upon enrolling their child as a freshman is the amount they will pay each year their child is enrolled at Trinity.

Historically, Trinity's tuition has increased by $300 each year. The chart below applies to the Class of 2023 and includes projected tuition increases for the next four years. It outlines the savings families will receive based on the Internship Grant and stabilized tuition model.

School Year
(Class of 2023)
Projected Tuition Internship Grant Actual Cost to Families
2019-2020 $12,300 $2,300 $10,000
2020-2021 $12,600 $2,600 $10,000
2021-2022 $12,900 $2,900 $10,000
2022-2023 $13,200 $3,200 $10,000
4-Year Investment: $51,000 4-Year Internship Grant total: $11,000 or an average of $2,750 per year $40,000

Trinity is able to offer the Internship Grant to every student in the Class of 2023 based on their ongoing participation in the Pre-Professional Internship Program.

Options for financial assistance beyond the Pre-Professional Internship Grant:

+ Need-Based Financial Assistance from Trinity
Trinity High School offers limited financial assistance to families who have a demonstrated financial need. Trinity has partnered with FACTS to evaluate families' financial need. FACTS provides financial reporting to Trinity; it does not award funds to families.

Process for Applying for Financial Assistance
Families with eighth grade students seeking financial assistance from Trinity are strongly encouraged to complete the FACTS Grant and Aid application by November 16, 2018. Applications received after this date are not guaranteed to be reviewed/awarded before High School Application Week in January. We also highly recommended that eighth graders complete their admissions interview before or soon after the financial assistance application deadline. Please note, submitting a FACTS Grant and Aid application does not guarantee receipt of financial assistance.

Click the logo below to begin your application for financial assistance.

Begin your FACTS Grant and Aid application

Click here for a list of required documents needed in order for FACTS to process your application. Documents may be uploaded to your FACTS account as PDFs, faxed to 866-315-9264, or mailed to the address below. Please be sure to include the applicant ID on all faxed or mailed correspondence.

FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment
PO Box 82524
Lincoln, NE 68501-2524

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866-441-4637.

+ Scholarships from Trinity
Pax et Bonum Scholars
Ten students who earn the highest scores on Trinity's placement exam will be named Pax et Bonum Scholars. Pax et Bonum Scholars receive a $3,000 scholarship for the 2019-20 school year should they apply and be accepted to Trinity.

Pax et Bonum ("Peace and All Good") was the greeting Saint Francis of Assisi extended to all persons he met. This scholarship challenges students to use their God-given intelligence and other gifts to bring peace and all good to the Trinity community and beyond. Pax et Bonum Scholarships are renewable annually, provided the recipient maintains a 3.6 grade point average and shows clear evidence of advancing the values and mission of Trinity High School.

Click here to register for a placement exam.

The Sr. Mary Illuminata Godlewski Scholarship
Having ministered on our educational campus for over 65 years, Sr. Illuminata is a true Trinity treasure and a fine example of dedication, loyalty and service. In fact, she is still involved in various aspects of school life today.

Recipients of a Sr. Mary Illuminata Godlewski Scholarship follow the example set forth by Sr. Illuminata and demonstrate extraordinary involvement in their communities. They are tasked with being a student leader – academically, socially and spiritually – for their peers at Trinity. Each year, a limited number of scholarships are awarded in honor of Sr. Illuminata’s legacy at Trinity High School. The scholarship fund is supported by the generosity of Marymount and Trinity High School graduates, as well as other members of the extended Trinity High School Family.

Students may apply for this scholarship in the fall of their eighth grade year. Recipients are awarded up to $5,000, renewable annually, when they maintain clear evidence of advancing the mission and values of Trinity High School.

Click here to download the Sr. Mary Illuminata Godlewski Scholarship application.
The deadline for submission is Friday, December 7, 2018. We recommend saving a copy of this interactive PDF to your computer before typing your responses directly in to the document.

+ Family Grants
A $500 tuition grant is automatically awarded to families with two children attending Trinity at the same time. This grant is applied to the account of the youngest child enrolled. Families with three children enrolled at the same time do not pay any remaining tuition balance for the youngest child after any scholarships/financial assistance that child receives.
+ Financial Assistance From Outside Organizations
Scholarships, grants and other types of financial assistance awarded from outside organizations (such as the Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio Department of Education*, an elementary school, community group or church) are typically honored at Trinity. Speak with an admissions representative for more information.

For a list of current scholarship opportunities that might apply to your student, please click here.

*Students who reside in the City of Cleveland or attend certain schools designated by the Ohio Department of Education may be eligible for a state scholarship program. Contact the Office of Admissions at 216-581-1061 for more information.